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Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Towing in Beaumont

Finding that your car is missing from its last known parking location is a scary situation. Almost always, the first thought that comes to mind is that your car has been stolen, but that is not always what has happened. Your car can get impounded or repossessed for many reasons, such as parking on privately owned property without permission. When this happens, there are many questions that come about. Take a look at the short list of the most frequently asked questions about Auto Towing in Beaumont.

Where is my car?

If you find that your car is missing from your last known parking location, you should first call Police Auto Records. Once contacted, the officer will be able to provide the information about the car that is listed below.

  • Impounded because you were parked on private property, blocking an access driveway, a traffic violation, tag warrant, or the vehicle may contain evidence for an investigation.
  • Repossessed by the owners of the car
  • Moved due to a special event or utility work or
  • Possibly stolen

What is the difference between a municipal tow and a private property impound?

A municipal tow is when the car is collected from public property. These are usually enforced by the sheriff or another police officer, Department of Transportation, or parking enforcement. A private property impound is requested by a tenant or the property owner who did not give permission for you to park on their premises.

What are the different classes of towing?

There are three “classes”, these indicate the weight of the vehicle that is being towed and the type of truck that was used to do the job.

  • Class A- Typical cars, trucks, and vans, usually no heavier than 3/4 ton
  • Class B- Vehicles with a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more
  • Class C- Vehicles with a gross weight of 20,000 pounds or more

If your car ever comes up missing, remember to begin your search by contacting Police Auto Records. If you have any further questions about Auto Towing in Beaumont, please contact the local business.