6 Easy Ways to Find and Hire Out-of-State Movers

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Moving Services

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Hiring out-of-state movers in San Diego doesn’t need to be all that stressful. Here are easy ways to get the moving assistance you need.

Get recommendations

Recommendations and referrals work. Reach out to people you know and trust for their suggestions and advice. If you know someone who’s moved to a new address recently, ask for tips. You can save so much time and effort with the right leads.

Go online

Look online for popular movers in your area. Your search results should add more to your list of options.

Screen your list

Once you’ve got more than enough on your list, start screening your choices. Cover the basics. Which companies offer insurance? Which ones are properly licensed? Does the company offer assistance for long-distance moves? Find out before you move forward with anything else.

Show the estimator everything

Don’t try to cheat your way to a cheaper rate. If you’re planning on not showing all the belongings that will be marked for the move and intend to add them on moving day, you could end up with costlier rates. Show everything to the estimator when one comes to your home, Real Simple says.

Ask what the rate covers

Find out what the standard rate covers before you choose out-of-state movers in San Diego. Knowing if a service is covered or not should help you avoid incurring any extra charges. And if you need any extra services, you’ll know how much you’ll need to pay.

Check the reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about a company. Are there plenty of glowing reviews from happy customers? Or are there too many complaints? Take note of any detail that keeps getting mentioned because that could be a recurring problem, which could be a possible issue when you hire the moving crew.