Call Ahead to Schedule Local Movers in Tulsa During the Summer Months

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Moving Services

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June and July are the busiest months of the year when it comes to moving. When someone plans to move from one residence to another during this time, it’s important to schedule service with Local Movers Tulsa as far ahead of time as possible. That’s especially crucial if the move must take place at the very end of the month when rental leases most commonly end.

Why are Local Movers in Tulsa so busy in the summer? Several reasons factor into this. A primary reason involves the school year, which affects large numbers of people. Families with kids often try to avoid moving from one school district to another while school is in session. They also want to be fully settled in at the new residence before school starts in late August or early September. People employed with a school district also don’t want to move until classes are done. Teachers are under contract and only rarely break the contract and move out of the region. Even if they want to move to a different place of residence within commuting distance, they are too busy to undertake this venture while school is in session. Similar concerns affect college students and people employed at universities.

In addition, the U.S. military schedules their troops to move from one base of operations to another at this time of year. This adds a significant number of individuals, couples and families to a moving company’s list of customers.

Another factor is the weather. People don’t like moving during the winter if they are located somewhere characterized by cold weather and the possibility of snow or ice storms. More homes are sold in the warm-weather months. Not only is moving more convenient, but real estate shoppers also can get a better sense of what the property is like when the grass is growing, but flowers are also blooming and leaves are on the trees. Someone expecting to move during late spring or early summer will want to Contact NAL Movers as soon as their plans are in place. If it’s possible, they should plan their move for mid-week instead of a weekend, since weekends get booked up quickly.