Clear Up Clutter With a Self-Storage Unit

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Moving Services

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Certain characters on TV shows store things in places where they definitely don’t belong, making it clear these people have a need for a storage unit. If this sounds all too familiar, consider renting one of the Climate Controlled Units available to clear up some clutter in your abode and keep your belongings safe.

The Middle

In this long-running situation comedy, the family stores a quilt in the oven. That’s usually fine since they never use the oven, but in one episode, the youngest child forgets about the quilt and decides to bake something. Preheating the oven almost starts a fire. The next time two kids think about baking, they remember the quilt before anything scary happens.

Sex in the City

The main character on this show stores her sweaters in the oven. Rent is expensive in Manhattan, and there apparently isn’t enough closet space. In fact, Manhattan’s issues with apartment closet space have been verified by a story in the New York Post, which featured details on New Yorkers using their kitchens for bedroom closets. There are shoes in the refrigerator, t-shirts in cupboards and jeans in the stove.

What to Do Instead

Instead of keeping quilts, seasonal clothing and shoes in an appliance or a kitchen cupboard, bring them to a facility such as U-Stor Self-Storage where units are available in numerous sizes. Check out the website Website Url for more details.

This is a perfect place to keep sweaters, winter coats and bags of scarves and gloves during the warm-weather months. Shoes and boots you only wear in cold-weather months can go there too. When fall arrives, swap out those items with sundresses, sandals and other summer attire.

Of course, you can move other things that are cluttering up your place too. Those might be additional seasonal belongings, such as camping equipment or skis. Maybe your closets are packed full of boxes, creating the need to keep a lot of other things sitting out in the living room and bedrooms. Once all this stuff is in storage, you’re bound to feel more satisfied with the extra space in your home. You can also like them on Facebook!