Criteria Needed for Picking Crating in San Antonio

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Moving Services

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Crates provide structural support for the movement of fragile objects. There are lot items that fall in the fragile category. This includes items like engines, furniture, and motorcycles. These items are extremely vulnerable to the stress of moving from one place to another. This is the criteria needed to pick out the proper crate for the object being shipped.

The height dimension is one of the criteria to look at in crating in San Antonio. Items should be measured to their highest point when sitting flat on the floor. Ideally, the item should be measured on which position it is going to be shipped in. It is better to have a little extra room in the crating rather than not having the item properly protected. Height measurements should be double checked before the item is placed in the crating.

The width dimension is also an important criteria to consider. Like the height, width measurements should be made at the widest point. Width measurements should also include the width of any padding that is going to be incorporated into as part of the protection methods. Since the crate will add inches to the width, the item may have to be moved before it is packed in the crate. Make sure to measure openings before moving the object to figure out if it can be moved with the crate or if it has to be moved separately.

The other type of criteria to look at with crating in San Antonio is the overall shape of the object. While a rectangular shape will accommodate most objects, extra protection, space constraints or shipping constraints may require customization of the crate. Some research could be required beforehand if there are special requirements regarding how the shipment should be packed. This requirement usually occurs if items are going to be shipped overseas or across country borders.

Crates are the ideal protection against the stress of shipping. Before packing up an object, measure it in the shipping position to determine the width and height. In addition, consider any special shapes that may need to be utilize as a result of the restrictions. Contact Crate Master if there are any questions regarding shipping your fragile items.