Downsizing Tips from a Storage Company in Austin, Texas

by | May 30, 2018 | Moving Services

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There are many reasons that people opt to downsize. Sometimes, they want to save money and, other times, the kids may have all moved off and the additional space is no longer needed. Packing and relocating to a smaller home can have its challenges. All of the current possessions might not fit in the new place. Olympia Moving, which is also a Storage Company in Austin Texas, offers some tips for those facing a big transition.

Sort Items into Categories

The first step for any move is to take an inventory of everything the family currently owns. Then, start sorting everything into three categories. Label one as “keep” for items that are necessary and used on a regular basis. These items will be taken to the new home. Next, a group of items should be labeled as “donate.” These will be the things that are never needed, even clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Last, label a group as “storage.” These are things that are occasionally used, like seasonal items, holiday decorations, lawn tools, and sports equipment. This way they can be accessed if needed but are not cluttering the home and garage.

Clearly Label Boxes

It is easy to put packing off until the last minute and simply start stuffing as much as possible into boxes. While this may seem like a time saver, this method ends up taking more time in the long run, especially when the time comes to unpack or find something in storage. Take the time to pack according to the room the items are for. Label each box clearly.

Storage Unit

Before moving day, make sure to take the time to reserve a storage unit for the items that are to be kept but not used as often. Visit the facility and verify the process of unlocking and securing the space. This way, when the day comes to unload, access will be easy without any delays or setbacks.

Moving to a smaller space can be a great relief since there will now be fewer possessions to manage. Olympia Moving and Storage Company in Austin Texas can help with the move and provide a safe and secure place to keep those items the family isn’t ready to part with just yet. Their services will ensure that moving day goes smoothly. To get additional information visit website. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.