Getting Your Piano Moved Safely

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Moving and Storage

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If you have a piano in your home, then you’re likely going to want to move it with your other belongings if you’re going to a new home. A moving company can offer the assistance that you need for moving your piano, providing the materials to keep it safe while loading it on and off the truck and the materials to keep it safe while it’s in transit. Piano movers Chicago residents can trust, are here to help transfer your belongings to a new location.

Find help when you’re moving something that’s the size of a piano. It’s not like moving a dresser or other types of furniture as it will likely be an awkward size and shape. If possible, remove the legs of the piano to make moving it a bit easier. Find the right pieces of equipment to keep the piano secure and to get it from the interior of your home to the interior of the other home. A dolly can be used for moving while straps can be used to secure the piano on the dolly and inside the truck.

When you talk to the piano movers Chicago has, you need to consider how far it will be moved and how you’re going to protect some of the details of everything from the keyboard to the bench that goes with the instrument. Try to wrap the piano as much as possible to protect all of the delicate components. If the lid doesn’t lock, then you need to find some way to keep it closed. A moving company can assist with this as the movers will have the materials to secure the lid as well as the top of the piano.

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