Here’s How Long Distance Moving Is Different Than A Short Hop Across Tuscaloosa

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Mover

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Moving to another state and moving locally are vastly different. Not only will you pack differently, you should know that different crews will handle your belongings. Boxes might be stored on their sides or upside down. Mattresses not in boxes could get dirty and possibly twisted. Long distance movers Tuscaloosa AL want you to have a good move. Here’s what you should know.


Because you’re traveling long distance, accidents can happen. You want your belongings to arrive at your new home safely and intact. Ensuring that with moving insurance would be a good idea. By law, basic moving coverage is 0.60 cents per pound. If full coverage would be better for your belongings, the moving company can help you find what you need.


Any moving company, especially on long distance moves, will need to know how many belongings you have. A detailed inventory will not only get you accurate rates, it will help you keep track of everything and stay organized. You will be checking off every item on the truck against your inventory list, so it needs to be exact.

Outdoor Furnishings

These will need to be cleaned and inspected for pests. State laws prohibit transporting pests across state lines. The moving company might refuse to load it on the truck unless it’s been thoroughly checked.


Make sure all boxes contain well padded items and are full to the top of the box. Containers inside boxes should be well sealed to prevent movement or spillage. Good quality boxes are sturdier than grocery or department store boxes.

Write your name on the boxes. Long distance movers Tuscaloosa AL need to know they have all of your belongings no matter how many crews move the boxes. Park Moving And Storage can tell you more about long distance moves when you contact them at website.