How To Avoid Car Shipping Scams

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Moving Services

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There are times when a person needs a vehicle shipped from one location to another, such as when he/she is starting a new job and life in a new city. Trying to move the car to another city without utilizing a car shipping company can be impractical or impossible to organize logistically.

Most auto shipping services are very reliable. However, as in any industry, there can be scams. Knowing how to spot a potential problem carrier can help to avoid these issues.

Initial Low Cost that Rises before Transport

There are car shipping companies out there that will quote a low price to get the business of a customer, but after the credit card has been charged, “issues” arise in regards to the delivery. Excuses such as gas prices have gone up, the driver wants more money, the initial quote was a mistake, and other such reasons will be given to raise the price to deliver the vehicle. If the company already has possession of the car and already has a charge on the credit card, the person is left with few options except to pay the higher fees.

Use a Recognized Service

Take the time to browse around online and find a website for top car shipping services. These are the companies with a well-designed website and information on the services they provide.

Make sure the auto transport company offers to ship to your destination. Some companies only provide auto transport in specific geographic areas, and many cannot transport internationally. There are also auto transport services with restrictions on the types of vehicles they will haul. This may include the requirement the vehicle is operational, or the vehicle does not exceed a specific size, height or gross vehicle weight.

In addition, check with family, friends, and colleagues on what services they have used when they needed their vehicles transported. They can provide feedback as to whether these companies did a reputable job and if they’d endorse them or not. A personal referral is another way to improve the odds of finding a good company and avoiding any scams when transporting a vehicle.