Moving Tips After Calling an Interstate Moving Company in Boston, Massachusetts

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Moving and Storage

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Interstate moves require a lot of effort because of the number of miles between the two locations. Organization and pre-planning help to avoid costly mistakes that could force the family moving to make multiple trips. Many people choose to use moving companies for complex moves like these. Despite the help, the family still needs a plan. Here are three tips for a more affordable and stress-free move.

Have a garage sale.

The rates for interstate moves are based on weight. The cost of hiring an interstate moving company in Boston MA drops as people eliminate items to load on their truck. Go through every room and decide if each item is worth the cost to move it. Some items, like exercise gear and books, add a lot of weight and cost very little to replace.

Create a checklist.

Start a list as soon as the decision to move becomes definite. Include the dates to turn off utilities, when to transfer school records, and when to reserve hotel rooms along the trip. Make a note about turning in various keys for the house, work, or post office boxes. Add reminders to pack things that could otherwise go unnoticed like items hanging on the back of a door. Record refill dates on prescriptions, and refill before the move, so no one runs out of medication.

Take time off before the move.

Many people save their holiday and vacation days at work to use to settle into the new location. Instead, split the time off between the old and new location. A few days free beforehand will make the last-minute packing less hectic. Families that hire an interstate moving company in Boston MA, can have them pack and load the belongings for them and get a head start on the movers. The early arrival allows everyone to have time to relax before the unpacking begins.

Expert movers make every relocation process much easier, but good organization enables families to enjoy their fresh start even more. Hiring a moving company before any other planning begins will take a lot of stress out of the planning stage. Browse our website to learn more.