Potential Uses for a Pallet in San Antonio

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Moving Services

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A lot of companies get deliveries of boxes on wooden pallets. In some cases, these used pallets are then available for free to the public or perhaps for a small price. Those who are a little handy can use a Pallet in San Antonio to create all sorts of different useful items around the home. This keeps them out of the trash and gives them a new use.


Wooden pallets can be used to create raised bed gardens or even vertical gardens, with plants being grown in between the slats. Raised beds are great if the soil in the yard isn’t of very high quality or the homeowner wants to limit the amount of weeding necessary.

Tables and TV Stands

With a little bit of work, a wooden pallet in San Antonio can be turned into a table, perhaps with a glass top to make it extra special. Three pallets can be stacked on top of one another, with some of the slats from the lower levels being used to fill in gaps at the top of this new table and the lower pallets offering some storage space, for example.


Some people hang wooden pallets on the wall to form a shelving unit, giving them more storage and allowing them to display pictures or other items of interest in a unique way. Pallets attached to a wall vertically can also be used for shoe storage or wine storage or as a bookcase.


Pallets can be used to form a platform for the base of a bed or a headboard for a more unique and inexpensive way to add some flair to a bedroom. Some people do a little more work and turn multiple pallets into a raised storage bed with drawers underneath.


Use a pallet and some chain to form a swing to hang from the ceiling of the porch, or turn one or more pallets into a bench, chair or lounge chair. The options are endless.


Using a number of pallets, it’s possible to create a patio, and, if desired, to add a section of the patio with plants for a patio garden.

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