Specialized Transport Services Bring Modular Homes to Properties

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Transportation & Logistic

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When someone orders a new modular home from the factory, the house is delivered in two or more completed pieces to the property. That requires special Transport Services that can handle oversized loads on the highway.

Modular homes can be ordered in virtually any size, although people tend to think of them as smaller houses. Each individual module is limited in size primarily because of federal and state transportation regulations as well as practical issues. Even oversize loads must be small enough to fit under overpasses, for example. The loads also must not be at substantial risk of tipping over on a turn or a sharp curve. Considering this is somewhat of a risk even with a normal semi load, it becomes clear why expert Transport Services are essential for these projects.

In fact, the manufacturer builds a customized home with modules of a certain length depending on the route to the property. If there is a sharp turn, the length of each module will need to be curtailed accordingly. The delivery service must map out the best route to the location, which is not always the one that seems most obvious. Sometimes, the best route actually involves traveling many more miles to avoid towns, certain curves, and low overpasses. If the only way to get to the property requires going under an old railroad bridge, for instance, the manufacturer will have to keep the height of the modules to a certain level.

Each module is brought to the property on a flatbed trailer hauled by a truck operated by a highly skilled driver. People are accustomed to seeing these modular homes on the highway, typically in groups of two or three. However, since modular houses can be much larger than this, sometimes the caravan is longer.

The manufacturer must arrange the delivery with a company such as Spanky’s Wrecker Service, which has drivers who are able to manage these loads. Flatbed delivery service requires some additional skills compared with transporting enclosed trailers, and the oversized aspect is another skill set that not all truck drivers have been trained in.