The Benefits Offered by Custom Crating and Packing Services in Dallas

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Moving Services

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It can be challenging to get anything ready to ship, but some items seem impossible. For example, neither businesses nor individuals generally have the skills or tools to prepare heavy machinery for safe transport. That is why professionals like Crate Master offer custom packing services in Dallas. Their craftsman not only design and build crating for virtually anything, they adhere to the highest industry standards.

Builders Take on Any Project

The craftsmen who provide packing services in Dallas have decades of building experience. In fact, they often design and create projects like playhouses, tables, benches, storage containers and even buildings. They bring this skill level to the packaging they design for clients. Artisans create one-of-a-kind crates that protect everything from the tiniest, most delicate parts to huge components. There is literally no project they will not take on. They have experience crating and shipping items that include:

• Robots

• Amusement park equipment

• Power plant equipment

• Antiques

• Mirrors

• Helicopters

Quality Crating Meets the Highest Standards

In addition to providing unlimited creativity in their designs and building, custom packing specialists also conform to the highest industry standards. For example, they often ship military items, so their projects meet MIL and DOD specs. They have certifications from TMTA (Texas Motor Transportation Association), various Chambers of Commerce and organizations such as the SC & RA Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association. Crating facilities are carefully and regularly inspected so that they always meet current standards.

Packing Craftsmen Are Also Shipping Experts

Since crating experts specialize in preparing items for transport, they are also shipping professionals. When they design and construct packing containers, craftsmen ensure that contents will stand up to the most rigorous handling and voyages. For instance, items that are shipping Internationally are not only protected from impact but also the elements, since many travel by ship. Builders make sure that crates will pass customs inspections. That is critical, since items which fail inspections are often fumigated, which could damage contents.

Custom packing experts are craftsmen who can build crates for just about anything that can be shipped. They work to their industry’s highest standards and ensure that shipments stay safe through every phase of transport. Custom crates are also built to pass any customs inspections.