The Different Ways a Pallet in Dallas May be Used

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Moving Services

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Prior to the 1920’s invention of the wooden pallet in Dallas, wooden crates, boxes, kegs, and barrels, were a way for storing and moving merchandise. The pallet, along with the forklift has since played a large role in material handling.

What is a Pallet?

A pallet is a flat wooden structure used for transporting and supporting objects. The pallet can be made from different kinds of wood, plastics, metals, and other recycled materials.

When items need to be safely stored, a pallet is necessary, as it can hold various amounts of weight and withstand harsh weather conditions. Transporting and shipping standards have mandated the use for pallets especially, within the food industry.

Repurposing a Pallet

There are many ways that a pallet may be used aside from transporting and storing goods.

• A pallet can make a great standing garden. The space between each slat is perfect for packing floral plants and herbs.
• A pallet can be easily transformed into a rustic coffee table or television stand by adding a sheet of glass, and legs.
• Outdoor furniture such as a swing or bench can be constructed from a pallet.

Choosing a Pallet

If looking for a pallet to refinish or to support and store materials, there are a few things that should be taken into account.

• First, purchasing a pallet in Dallas does not always mean breaking the bank. Many businesses get shipments that are packed on wooden pallets. Asking the businesses if they have any leftover pallets is an ideal way of getting them free of charge.

• Make sure the wood is in decent shape. When tearing the pallet apart, a lot of wood may be lost due to warping, cracking or bowing. The better the pallet looks before tearing, the better the chances of having a lot of material to work with.

• Inspect the wood for any residue, oil stains or mold and smells.

• Avoid a pallet that may have been sitting in the rain for months as this can cause the boards to shift and warp or crack.

Crate Master and other shipping and packing companies are experts in the many uses of pallets. Contact them to learn more about their pallet services and how they can benefit you.