Utilize a Portable NYC Storage Trailer to Save Money

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Storage and Handling Equipment

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A portable NYC Storage Trailer is versatile and can save people money over the cost of building a storage shed on the property. Trailers of varying sizes can be leased for long or short terms. The can also be sold in new or used condition for permanent storage needs. If leased, the company delivers the selected container, sets it up, and will pick it up at a later date when it is no longer needed. If purchased, it will be delivered and installed at the location.

Containers were originally designed for ocean travel, so they are strong, durable, and secure. All containers have ventilation, double doors, and locking bars and catches for security. They are weather resistant with anti-corrosion steel construction, and standard marine ply floors. Containers can also be customized with many available modifications. Roll-up doors and lock boxes can be added for extra security. Panic doors or swinging doors can be added for safety. Windows, partition walls, and additional ventilation can be included to increase air flow. Specific paint treatments can be completed, as well as size conversions.

There are many uses for an NYC Storage Trailer. Homeowners can use one to store furniture and belongings during renovation projects. It eliminates having to maneuver around an extra room of furniture in the living room and can help protect items from getting scratched, broken, or dented. Containers can be used in the warm weather to store items for yard sales. There is no need to set everything up on a Friday only to lug what was not sold back into the garage on Sunday. Repeating that process every weekend is a waste of time and effort. Set up items in the container at the beginning of the season and allow people to walk through it to select what they want to purchase. Lock up the container on Sunday evening and do it all again next Friday.

Businesses can utilize portable storage containers during clearance sales, for holiday inventory, or to keep decorations organized when not being used. Building a unit will take time and capital, as well as create business disruption. Details on sizes, free quotes, and requests for storage delivery can be found on website.