What Are Some Of The Tools Used By Machinery Movers In Dallas?

by | Jun 7, 2016 | moversexpert

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Moving a piece of heavy machinery or relocating a factory requires highly specialized moving skills. Some moving companies specialize in hard-to-move items like large or delicate machinery. In order to protect the objects, machinery movers use certain tools that regular furniture movers don’t need. The following are some of the most common tools used by Machinery Movers in Dallas.

First of all, there are several solutions for lifting heavy machinery. A hydraulic jack is a powerful lifter, and for a very large or heavy object, a unified jacking system allows movers to place multiple jacks that will lift simultaneously. A hydraulic gantry is another lifting tool that is very flexible and can be positioned over, under, or beside the load and can lift as well as turn. A crane is a vehicle with a long arm that lifts from above with a hook or a grapple. In machinery moving, a grapple is a large, hydraulic-powered claw fastened onto an arm that extends from a bulldozer or crane. The vehicle must be powerful enough to push or pull the heavy machine. A lifting grapple not only lifts a heavy object; it can also be used to hold an object in place while it is being transported.

Depending on the type of object being moved, different types of vehicles are used to transport or position machinery. A vehicle that is often used for this purpose is a bulldozer. A bulldozer is a type of tractor with a wide track surrounding the wheels on each side. The tracks give the vehicle extra pulling power. In fact, a bulldozer can pull up to eighty tons and can be used to move things like full-sized tanks or other vehicles. A special tractor trailer is needed to haul very large, heavy, or delicate loads on the highway. A tractor trailer with air suspension will give the smoothest possible ride.

Once movers get the machinery to its new destination, they have a lot more work to do to get the machinery installed. Many machinery moving companies offer services like laser calibration and alignment. For more information about Machinery Movers in Dallas, Check us out.