What Are The Advantages Of International Movers In St. Paul?

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Moving Companies

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In Minnesota, international relocations are complex and require knowledge of customs regulations. Families that plan to move internationally need a professional to assist with these efforts. International Movers in St. Paul provide the assistance the families need at an accelerated pace.

Proper Packaging of Items

International relocation projects require additional protection for personal effects. Crating services are provided for items such as furniture, artwork, appliances, and electronics. The packaging option provides better security for the items and lowers the risk of theft during transport. Custom crating services are also available to lower the chances of damage.

Completion of Customs Forms

Local residents need assistance with customs forms whenever an international relocation is necessary. The requirements for each country are different and present their own share of challenges. Professional moving and transport services are familiar with the procedures. All items are listed according to the country’s laws and regulations. It is best to allow a pro to complete the forms since any errors result in the discarding of the package entirely.

Knowledge of Prohibited Items

The professional movers review the restrictions for shipments entering the new country of residence. Any package containing prohibited items result in the seizure of the package. Select countries also impose criminal charges for certain items.

For example, families moving to Germany from the U.S. aren’t allowed to ship live animals to their new home. Additionally, any attempt to ship dogs that are classified as fighting dogs into Germany leads to criminal penalties. Fighting dogs include but are not limited to American bulldogs, pit bulls, and bullmastiffs. Families with non-prohibited pets must make alternative arrangements for getting their pets transported.

Fast Moving Services for Military Families

International moving services help military families who must move quickly. The new duty station orders require the family to enter their new location based on a predetermined date. The movers pack up their personal belongings and arrange the shipments based on the family’s arrival date.

In Minnesota, international relocation projects require shipments to be packaged according to foreign regulations. The packages must contain lawful items only and meet customs requirements. Families that are moving overseas and need to hire International Movers in St. Paul contact Action Moving Services Inc. now. Like us on Facebook.