What Are The Benefits Of Distance Movers In Connecticut?

by | May 17, 2018 | Moving and Storage

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In Connecticut, moving and transport services provide convenient opportunities for residential and commercial property owners. The services include a wide spectrum of options that make moving easier and less of a hassle for the property owners. Local Distance Movers In Connecticut manage complex services for their customers to offer a safer transport.

No Mileage Restrictions

Long distance movers don’t impose mileage restrictions on their customers. However, the service providers do not travel outside of the continental U.S. The fees for the moving services are based on the total mileage from the current location and the new destination identified by the client.

Full-Service Packing Options

The movers perform full-service packing options for residential and commercial customers. The service provider offers all moving supplies, which are included in the moving package. All packages are labeled and list the new location as well as the customer’s name. The crew produces invoices for all packages and checks the invoice with the customer when they arrive at the new location.

Real-Time Tracking of the Transport Vehicles

Real-time tracking is available for all transport vehicles. The moving service provides immediate updates for the customer at any time during the transport. The tracking option also enables the service provider to avoid unnecessary delays in deliveries. The service helps the movers identify the location of a transport vehicle in the event that a breakdown occurs. The option also prevents common issues such as theft.

Insurance for All Items Transported

The moving and transport provider offers limited insurance for all items loaded onto the vehicles. The customers pay a flat-rate fee for the coverage, and it provides a replacement for any item that is misplaced, stolen, or damaged during the transport. The coverage along with the moving expenses are also tax-deductible for most customers.

In Connecticut, moving and transport services manage long-distance moves for commercial and residential customers. The service providers offer transport options throughout the continental U.S. They also create custom crates for large items that won’t fit on standard transport vehicles. The service providers also provide real-time tracking for all transport vehicles. Customers who want to schedule a transport can contact Distance Movers In Connecticut or visit Website Domain right now. You can also visit them on Google My Business.