Yacht Share In Sydney: Considerations

by | May 10, 2019 | Boat Rental Service

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When most people hear the phrase yacht share in Sydney, they immediately think of a charter, which isn’t the same. With a charter or boat membership plan, you hire the ship for the duration of your needs, such as a few days or a week. However, with a boat share arrangement, you own the boat, but seven other people also own the same boat. Therefore, you all get equal rights to the vessel and usually split maintenance and other fees equally, as well. You get the benefits of ownership without the usual hassles, such as paying much more for the same boat and dealing with storage and maintenance issues.

A yacht share in Sydney makes it easier to keep buy-in costs lower and also allows you to get a bigger boat, depending on how much capital you have to put down. You can find a variety of vessels available for purchase through the syndicated program, which means you aren’t stuck with one or two options. You can choose what best fits your needs so that you’re satisfied for the next three to five years (which is how long most contracts are).

LBS knows that everyone wants to experience the excitement of owning a vessel, but it’s also a challenge to raise enough capital to buy one outright. With a yacht share in Sydney, you do get all the benefits of ownership without the headaches. The management company ensures that the boat is maintained and ready to go whenever an owner wants to use it. You never have to worry that someone other than an owner is using the ship, which means you can rest easy knowing that strangers aren’t using the ship. Along with such, everyone gets equal usage of the vessel, which means it is all fair and you get up to 43 days with your ship each year.

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