Advantages of Selecting Local Tulsa Moving Companies

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

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Selecting local Tulsa Moving Companies over large, chain moving companies has advantages for both residential and commercial customers. The first one is that patronage benefits the local economy instead of a corporate office elsewhere. Local workers are paid, of course, but company profits rarely remain in the area. A local company is also invested in the community. Most participate in local events, sponsor local sports teams, and work together to maintain or revitalize small town businesses. Local businesses also have the freedom to be flexible and customize services as needed. Procedures and policies are not made at corporate headquarters, people can approach the business owner with unique needs or special requests.

Services from local Tulsa Moving Companies are available in a variety of options. Customers can decide the degree of services needed or desired. Movers can be used to pack up all belongings, pack up only fragile items, or do no packing at all. Minimal services can be just loading and transporting boxes and furniture or equipment to the new location. Unpacking services can be arranged as well if desired. Packing supplies and storage space for long and short-term uses are available.

One service that will not be found at large moving companies is planning the move. A local mover will take the time to plan the move with the home or business owner. For residential customers, that includes planning the move around hectic schedules and learning the layout of the new location for efficiency during unloading. Business owners will get assistance with logistics. The move can be planned for a time that will reduce or eliminate disruption in operations. Floor plans are used to mark where specific items have to be placed.

Customers can get details and learn about our website to begin planning a move. Free estimates are offered based on a list of what is to be moved. An accurate list is important to get a realistic estimate. Hourly rates can be quoted, or an upfront price can be provided. It is easier to budget with a single price, but hourly rates may cost less depending on the distance and how organized the customer is on moving day. Local movers will often pay closer attention to detail, personalize services, and be more flexible than chain company movers.