Comprehensive Packing Services in Fort Worth

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Moving Services

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Commercial pacing services in Fort Worth can get complicated and expensive. There can be a few companies used and logistics considered depending on the items to be packed, how they need to be shipped, and if there will be any delays during the process. If pallets can be packed and shrink wrapped at the warehouse, the business only has to hire transportation to the loading depot and pay for shipping. That can be a railroad station, an airport, a trucking company, or a dock.

If merchandise is coming off a plane or boat, packing services may consist of putting inventory on pallets, having them wrapped, storing pallets until a delivery truck can be arranged, and then loading on the truck. Shipping costs may be high, especially if components are packed separately. Storage fees add another cost, and repacking pallets is still another cost. That totals three companies, three invoices, and a lot of potential for damage, loss, or theft. Finding one company that provides complete packing services in Fort Worth will save businesses time, hassles, and money.

One way to cut down on shipping costs is to have crates designed and built to contain as many parts as possible. Machinery with different parts, for example, can be packaged together to minimize the number of crates that have to be shipped. In addition to lowering costs, it also reduces the risk of damage or loss. Expert carpenters at Crate Master, for example, can build crates with separated compartments, reinforce the crate to hold more weight, and place wheels on the bottom so the items move smoothly. Pallets can also be packed and braced to ensure inventory will not move, tip over, or shift while being transported.

Long- and short-term storage is available, and items for shipment can be delivered on the day and time scheduled. Both domestic and international shipping regulations are followed for cargo. Costs and timing for shipping methods can be compared to determine which is appropriate for the merchandise. Travel by boat is slower, but one-third the cost of air shipping. If items are not perishable, and the delivery date is flexible, that may be the best way to ship inventory.