Renting Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Plainview TX

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Moving Companies

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When there is a need to rent an area to store personal belongings, it is a concern to keep these items from becoming damaged from moisture while they are in containment. Renting one of the climate-controlled storage units in Plainview TX is one way to help in thwarting a moisture problem. Here are some tips a person can use to help in keeping their belongings dry when in a storage unit.

Raise Items So They Are Not Resting On The Floor

It is a wise idea to place items in a unit so they are not sitting directly on the floor. This will eliminate the worry of puddling occurring around the items if water does happen to make its way into the storage area. Wooden pallets can be used to hold larger items such as pieces of furniture or cardboard boxes which are prone to becoming saturated by water. Metal shelving units can also be constructed and placed along the perimeter walls of the storage unit to hold smaller items.

Use A Homemade Dissident To Help Eliminate Moisture

A bowl of cat litter or cedar chips can be used as a homemade dissident. Placing several bowls of one of these items in the storage area will help in removing moisture from the air. It will be necessary to check the contents of the bowls every few weeks so new materials can be placed inside of them. Alternately, a dissident can be purchased from a home goods store. The sand in the container will become clumpy as it becomes full of moisture.

Make Sure The Storage Unit Is Sealed From Outdoor Air

If the storage unit does not have an adequate door seal, air will be able to get into the space. Check that the door has a working gasket before renting the unit. If cracks are present within the walls, ask the management to fill them in with caulk so the enclosed space is free of excessive humidity.

When there is a need to keep items dry, renting one of the climate-controlled storage units in Plainview TX is an option. These units allow the user to adjust the temperature to their liking, helping to keep humid air out of the space as a result. Visit us to find out more today.