Three Things That Must be Done Before Hiring Household Movers in St. Paul

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Moving and Relocating

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Preparing for an upcoming move will require a lot of planning. Knowing your destination and finding a home is simply the beginning. After all details of the new home are set in stone, it’s time to start planning how everything you own will be moved to the new home. Some people may try and manage the move by themselves. This may be an option for some, but the average family will need the help of a professional mover. Here are three things that must be done before hiring Household Movers in St. Paul.

Once a move date has been set, it’s time to start getting some quotes from professional movers. Be prepared to give them your full name, dates that you will need help, phone number, email address, your departure location and your destination. They will also need to know other details such as the number of large items of furniture and large appliances that will include with the move. This will enable the representative with Action Moving Services Inc. to give a preliminary price quote.

Make a decision as to whether or not you be doing all the packing yourself. If not, it is important to make the representative aware that you will need to get a price quote on packing services. Organizing and packing are two of the main things that will consume a lot of time. Hiring professional packers through Household Movers in St. Paul is one of the best ways to help alleviate some of the moving related stress that may be present.

Many, if not most professional movers will need to send an estimator to your home so they can take a preliminary inventory. This will need to be done before a final price quote can be obtained. During the last few minutes of the visit, the estimator should be able to go over all details of what they can offer and what the final cost will be. This is the time that you must decide whether they are the company you wish to hire. Be prepared to relax more and do less when choosing to hire a professional mover to handle the job.