What to Know About Shipping Wine

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Moving Services

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The gift of a great bottle of wine is always appreciated. Whether you’re celebrating a newlywed couple or congratulating a friend on a new home or professional promotion, there is almost no occasion that wine doesn’t work for. One situation that can be tricky, though, is shipping that wine to your loved one – and getting it there safely. Here are some tips for finding great wine shipping services in your area:

Know the Law

Unfortunately, it isn’t legal to ship wine and other alcohol products in every state. In fact, if you’re trying to ship the wine yourself, you will actually be breaking the law in every state in the nation – unless you send it through a service legally certified to transport it through the mail.

Ways Around the Rules

Of course, if you want to dance around the strict laws some states have in place for the shipment of alcohol, there are other ways to send your friends a great bottle. These include:

  • Send money or a gift card. Yeah, this isn’t quite the same, but if you send your loved ones a winery gift certificate they’ll be just as happy as they would be with a bottle!
  • Send a club subscription. Many wine clubs are permitted to transport their products directly to club members, so consider buying your friend a membership instead of a single bottle.
  • Buy from a winery or ship with a shipping service. Wineries ship their products through shipping services that are legally cleared to transport their products. This frees you from worrying about any of the handling. If you’d rather purchase the wine yourself and send it the same way, look for a Traverse City, MI wineshipping service to do the job for you – and get your bottles to their destination in great shape.